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12 Celebs Who Love Posting Nudes

12 Celebs Who Love Posting Nudes

Scammers hack into celebs' personal accounts and post their intimate photos online almost every month. While this may be shocking for some stars, some don't even care about stuff like that. Moreover, these celebrities often post their nude pics on Instagram or appear naked on the big screen. Here are a few of them.

Kim Kardashian

The biggest fan of showing sexy forms is Kim Kardashian. Just look at her outfits that leave nothing to the imagination. It seems that paparazzi know Kim's body as well as her husband Kanye West. We're not even going to mention those dresses that expose the celebrity's nipples or other intimate body parts. Looks like this chick is almost out of ideas for keeping her subscribers interested.

Miley Cyrus

Miley doesn't lag behind her colleagues. Outgoing behavior and constant scandals around the celeb have long become common, and they no longer surprise anyone. At some point, Miley decided that she's not popular enough, so she just starred in her music video completely naked. Well, she has nothing to lose, and the public loves to discuss this little rebel's antics.


The next spot on our list of kinky hotties goes to Rihanna. The singer's Instagram caused a lot of scandals back in the day. The abundance of nudity in her profile led to a number of warnings, but this didn't stop Rihanna. Soon, the diva's account was blocked.

Lady Gaga

Outrageous Lady Gaga also no longer surprises anyone with her images, including sexy ones. However, her pics from the photo shoot for V Magazine caused quite a stir. The singer appeared without her usual make-up, high heels, and other attributes that would scare your grandma to death. She had a nude-style make-up and long hair. Gaga covered her intimate places with her hands.

Adam Levin

Our Top-10 wouldn't be complete without men. Thanks to his wife, Adam's fans got a chance to see him in underwear.

Lena Dunham

Some celebs post photos on their Instagram, and some just like appearing naked in their own TV series. Thanks to three seasons of Girls, we had the luck to check out all the tattoos and other sexy spots on Lena's body.

Selena Gomez

Modest and charming Selena Gomez also likes to show the world everything that should stay hidden. Unlike previous stars, she's really shy, so on her sexiest pic, her nude body is covered with a curtain, but the fact remains: Selena is naked on the photo.

Amber Rose

Devoted fans will never forget Amber's dress in which she appeared on the recent VMA 2014. Any paparazzi would kill for the opportunity to get a picture of Rose in this dress during some private party.

Mila Kunis

Mila also managed to show her gorgeous body to the public. Her Friends with Benefits, which isn't as frank as you might think at first, gives us a chance to see the actress in all her glory.

Nicki Minaj

We can't just leave some of Nicky's music videos unnoticed. For instance, in the video for Anaconda, the girl rhythmically moves her hips, although there are almost no clothes on her to hide those sexy forms.

Kate Upton

The only thing Kate Upton loves more than herself and her body is public attention. Perhaps that's why it's not that hard to find her nude pics on the web. And the scene from The Other Woman, where Upton runs along the seashore in the swimsuit, will stay in our memory forever.

Heidi Klum

Heidi does whatever she wants: if she wants to sunbathe she does it topless; if she wants to take a photo of herself she takes off her bikini. Paparazzi catch Heidi nude every summer, so she doesn't care about her fans seeing what shouldn't be seen.

All the girls on this list are incredibly gorgeous...

12 Celebs Who Love Posting Nudes

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