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Blog: 5 real sex scenes that was almost like celebrity porn!

5 Real sex scenes in movies that was almost like celebrity porn

Admit it, there is something truly sexually arousing about seeing serious actors and actresses get naked on screen. You always hear them say that the reason they bared some tits and asses (and sometimes bush) is because it was, as they put it 'For art's sake'. Well whatever their reason is, one thing is for certain; we are all winners when they bare their sweet body parts to us.

Some even go as far as doing explicit scenes for the camera. It was almost as if there was real fucking going on. But there are even some who took this a bit further if you catch my drift. There are some movies that featured real un-simulated sexual acts that found its way to cinemas and art houses.

It is like porn, only with better acting. So why do these actors and actresses do it? Well some would say it is for shock value of the movie, some go back to that for the sake of art crap, and others are just trying to make a name for themselves in the industry.

Either way it's all good. There are definitely no complaints here. So without further ado, here is a list of real sex scenes in movies that was almost like celebrity porn. There are even more celebrity sex scene on YouPorn.

#1 The Brown Bunny (2003)

This one is quite popular among celeb porn spotters. Because the climax of this film featured an actual blowjob between the two leads.
The story is about a motorcycle racer who is haunted by the memory of his former flame. On his travels he constantly meets women but is unable to form any real and deep relationships with them. That is until he meets a girl named Daisy who he forms an unusual and destructive bond with.
The scene that blew (first and last fellatio pun) our minds is between director and actor (go figure that one out) Vincent Gallo and lead actress Chloe Sevigny.
The film got really bad reviews, especially from famous critic Roger Ebert which culminated in a verbal spat with Gallo.

Apparently Gallo thought that Ebert was being a bit too hard on the film (Sorry).

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#2 Intimacy (2001)

This film is all about two people who do not know each other but have a weekly tryst just for sex. And that means no talking and no questions asked, just pure fucking. But after each session, they start getting to know each other and eventually start falling in love.
The scenes that elicited a lot of attention are the torrid love scenes that just looked too real. One scene in particular is where her character gives a blowjob to his partner and is a hundred percent un-simulated.

The film garnered rave reviews and got her the best actress nod at the Berlin Film Festival.

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#3 Ken Park (2002)

Ken Park is about four teenagers and their messed up lives. It covers several messed up storylines like one of the teenagers having an incestuous relationship with her father, another one having a sexual relationship with his girlfriend's mother, and one has an abusive father who one night tries to perform oral sex on him.
The last teen takes the case in the most fucked up person department. He loves to choke himself while he masturbates, hates his grandparents who lives with him and downright murders them.

There are a lot of un-simulated sex scenes in this movie that borders on pornography. A popular one is a threesome that has a real blowjob and some doggystyle penetration.

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#4 Romance X (1999)

This Canadian film tells the story of a school teacher who apparently was not getting off her boyfriend whom she loves so much.
She does the most reasonable thing to do, and that is to start a sadomasochistic relationship with your old as your dad boss.

The sex scenes in this film featuring Caroline Ducey are real, and they caused quite a stir in Canada when it was released.

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#5 Wetlands (2013)

This movie has so much sexual deviancy, you should prepare to have a stomach churning experience if you watch it. It is a story about a young girl who wishes for her parents to get back together.
Helen is a bit of a deviant in a number of ways, she likes to use vegetables to masturbate and dislikes society's incessant need to be hygienic.
She loves rubbing her vagina all over a filthy toilet seat and making other men eat her. In one scene she swapped a used tampon with someone and in another she had to go to the hospital because she shaved her anal hair too quickly.

And oh yeah, there is a scene where four men jizz into a pizza complete with classical music background as it hits the toppings...

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Blog: 5 real sex scenes that was almost like celebrity porn!

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